Matthew Bradfield

Matthew Bradfield

Mr. Bradfield is CEO and Chairman of Saviva Capital.

Originating from London, England, Matthew began his career in the sciences, receiving a BS in Marine Biology and a graduate degree in Environmental Engineering. During his time developing alternative commodities as a research scientist, he worked for a number of renewables-focused companies in the UK. Matthew then moved to Bermuda where he was the Director of the Bermuda Bioenergy Project (BBP), a publicly-privately funded development business focused on alternative energy for island communities, based at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science (BIOS).

While living in Bermuda, Matthew became more involved in the management and operation of his family office. During this period, Matthew also worked as a consultant and due diligence provider for investment funds in the UK, Bermuda, and USA – primarily focusing on technical and financial diligence on renewables projects as well as providing market analysis and advisory services to global investment managers.

In 2012 Matthew established Saviva Capital LLC to serve as his US-based investment vehicle dedicated to investments into public and private global businesses and funds.  Saviva Capital focuses on investments that allow for his and other family offices, together with private investors, to make highly transparent and economical private equity investments.  Primarily, Saviva makes direct investments into commodity-linked ‘Renewable’ businesses that focus on the cost effective production and efficient management of essential resources (food, energy, and basic materials).

With definitive views on the economy and the manner in which family offices should put capital to work, Matthew created an investment management structure specifically designed to enable family offices to collaborate in mutually beneficial ways.  This platform allows both his, and other, family offices to invest in a sensible, sustainable, and conscientious manner while maintaining a profit-driven strategy that does not need to compromise on core values, yet maintains yield and inflation protection in a world short on both.

Mr. Bradfield also serves as CEO of Hawaiian Pacific Hardwoods LLC, is a keen skier and sailor, and resides in Boston, MA.